Eastern Canada (July/August 2004)

As well as the expected amazing mountains, lakes, fjords, and waterfalls, some other highlights:

  • Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland. Moose, salmon run.
  • Cape Breton National Park, Nova Scotia. Got a bit too close to a bear, more moose, eagles.
  • Grands Jardins National Park, Quebec. Stunning mountain walk.
  • Parc de Seguenay, Quebec. Close encounter with a humpback whale.
  • Newtown restaurant, Montreal, Quebec. Best restaurant I've been to.

Under no circumstances, should you book with any of the following companies

These companies are all related. They took our money and ran. We ended up having to pay again for stuff we'd already paid for (like train tickets, hotels).

We later found out the companies had committed over $120000 worth of fraudulant activity. See this web scam article. Also, search for Schulz (the name of the owner) on tripadvisor.com forums.

I'm not providing links as I don't want web crawlers to think I'm recommending these websites. This isn't an exhustive list. Looks like they have now set up RV rental places too. My advice is to check with the tourism board - I contacted them afterwards and found out Heinz Schulz is a wanted man!

  • http://www.bcreservation.com
  • http://www.goalaskatours.com
  • http://www.westcanadatours.com
  • http://www.travelalaska.net
  • http://www.canadarailtours.com